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Mushroom Ecology Workshop In Stanley Park

  • English Bay Inukshuk 1700 Beach Avenue Vancouver, BC, V6E 1V3 Canada (map)

On this 5-hour adventure, we will explore some of the best spots in Stanley Park to find mushrooms and demonstrate how to identify mushrooms in the local rainforest ecosystem.

October is peak season for mushrooms so it's the ideal time to learn about the abundance of fungi here in the coastal rainforest. In this workshop, we will dive deep into the “Wood Wide Web”, the interconnected mycorrhizal fungi networks that help trees and plants communicate and share nutrients through the soil.

Mushrooms are the fruiting, reproductive bodies of these fungal networks in the soil and they play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance. New scientific research is shining a spotlight on just how crucial fungi are to the evolution of life on Planet Earth — without fungi, there would be no forest, nor any humans to appreciate it.

We’ll learn how to start to identify local edible and medicinal mushrooms, and discuss ethical foraging practices. Please note that while Stanley Park is a great place to learn about mushrooms, you can't forage for mushrooms in any city or provincial park. This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to start identifying mushrooms where you live and in the mountains and rainforests around Vancouver.

We will also visit some of the largest trees in Canada that are in Stanley Park, including old-growth Douglas Firs, Western Red Cedars and Big Leaf Maples that are among the biggest and tallest in the park.

This mushroom ecology will be guided by Kyle Pearce, founder of Spirit Quest Adventures and Mendel Skulski, former president of the Vancouver Mycology Society. They will also be speaking about how adding medicinal mushrooms to your diet can improve your health and reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the long rainy season.

After the tour, everyone on this adventure will get access to our online community using the app iNaturalist to apply what you learn by posting your mushroom discoveries and get help identifying what you find.

Please bring a lunch and a snack. You can optionally add a mushroom infused lunch to your ticket order for $10 (details below).


Mushroom Lunch Menu:

Enjoy a mindfully prepared vegan menu for an additional 10$  cooked by culinary artist Io Shyama Gomez.

1. Mediterranean Button Stuffed Mushrooms: stuffed with artichoke hearts, feta, and drizzled with lemon oil and herbs en Provence.

2. Wild Mushroom in honey mustard marinade, brussel sprout and caramelized onion wrap with homemade hummus dip.

3. Cherry-Almond-Chocolate Chunk cookies.

4. Bottle of water