Ecological leadership retreats in the world's most
inspiring ecotourism destinations.


EXPLORE, PLAY and LEARN in nature

We host nature immersion experiences based around experiential learning about:


Learn about the "Wood Wide Web", the interconnected mycorrhizal fungi networks that help trees and plants communicate and share nutrients through the soil.


Explore the power of myth and how to become a better leader through purpose-driven storytelling and tell a more clear and concise story of how you serve others.

Flow Psychology

Find out how to overcome the mental barriers of distraction, procrastination and your inner critic so you can bring your full attention to your daily experience.


Integrate a daily meditation practice with your life and discover why meditation is not merely a practice but a way of living in harmony with natural order of things.


Meet other changemakers and learn sustainability practices such as biomimicry and permaculture you can use to play an active role in solving our planetary ecological crisis.



Explore the ancient Vedic culture of Bali and learn
about the tropical rainforest ecosystem.

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koh phangan 

Explore Thailand's island of Koh Phangan and Ang Thong National Marine Park in the southern Gulf of Thailand.

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